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Week Of: February 25, 2008
Big Fun With Promotions
'Down Undah'

During the course of your busy and challenging workweek, do you ever find yourself wondering aloud how wacky radio promotions might be done in other states? How about in other countries? What about promotions performed on a whole other continent and/or hemisphere -- where scientists recently discovered there are people living directly upside down from us, and yet, somehow, they don't fly off into space?

It was in that spirit that I reached out to my old radio pal Tracy Austin, famous for her years at KIIS-FM/Los Angeles and KRBE/Houston, among other noteworthy American radio stations, who now programs Nova 106.9 in Brisbane, Australia, the country's third-largest city behind Sydney and Melbourne and home to nearly 2 million people. Austin clued me in on how they do things down there ... so find out for yourself in this week's R&R!

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