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Week Of: April 21, 2008

Immutable Laws of the Universe

Boney James hits yet another out of the park with "The Way She Walks" (Peak/CMG). The saxophonist's alluring, melodic in-pocket groove receives ample support from Christian Scott's subtle, yet engaging horn figures ... New artist/acoustic guitarist Lawson Rollins serves up two versions of the tasty Brazilian-flavored offering "Infinita" (Infinita/Baja/TSR), one featuring the legendary Flora Purim's timeless vocals, plus a radio edit sans vocal ... Guitarist Les Sabler, an artist worthy of far greater notice by smooth jazz, delivers the goods on his rollicking "Sweet Drive" (Music Force) ... Will Donato's "Law of Attraction" (Innervision) combines his assertive doubled saxophones on a charming mid-tempo tune with a memorable hook. Must Donato pay endless dues before he receives suitable recognition from smooth jazz radio? ... Extra-curricular listening: "Cannon Re-Loaded" (Concord Music Group). Mercy!

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