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WUnless you have been in the unfortunate position to lose your job, you cannot even begin to relate to how it feels and how you beat yourself up about what you could have done differently to possibly head off being in that position. But perhaps the biggest lesson that can be learned from the stories you're about to read is that a little respect and compassion go a long way, because none of us knows if one day the shoe will be on the other foot.

In this week's R&R (April 18), meet two of your rock radio peers who are currently on the outside looking in and dealing with obstacles no one should have to endure, but they do every single day and still remain eternally optimistic.

Alternative Chart Chatter

Flobots reel off a second consecutive gain of more than 300 plays (up 354) as "Handlebars" rolls 27-15 and scores Airpower stripes. The seven-member Denver-based group becomes the first act to reach the top 15 in two weeks or less with their first chart appearance since Zwan's "Honestly" in December 2002. "Handlebars" earns Most Increased Plays honors one week after coming three spins shy of taking the prize.

The Raconteurs make it three straight top 10s as "Salute Your Solution" jumps 11-7 and lands the runner-up spot on the Most Increased Plays list (up 286). "Solution" reaches the top 10 in three weeks, the fastest the band has made it to the chart's upper quarter. The group's sole chart-topper, "Steady, As She Goes," needed four weeks to hit the top 10 in April 2006.

Death Cab for Cutie pick up their third top 10 as "I Will Possess Your Heart" climbs 12-10. "Possess" scores the week's third-highest increase (up 134) and reaches the top 10 in only four weeks, easily surpassing the 11 weeks that "Soul Meets Body" needed to reach the same position in November 2005. Disturbed earn their highest chart mark since 2002's "Prayer" hit No. 3 as "Inside the Fire" jumps 14-11. Avenged Sevenfold claim the week's sole debut as "Afterlife" enters at No. 39.

(R&R rock charts manager Anthony Colombo contributed this week's Alternative Chart Chatter.)

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