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Week Of: October 20, 2008

Relive The Magic Yet Again

R&R '08 may be a distant memory for some (and not at all for anyone who partied a little too hardy while we were in Austin), but it's still fresh in our minds here. Last week, I began my review of CHR/top 40 session at the recent R&R Convention in Austin: "Juggling Chainsaws: The Changing Role of Today's PD."

The focus of the session was the whole new set of responsibilities the modern programmer, or "brand manager," must face on a daily basis, including the maintenance of your station's brand via the Web, texting, mobile, outdoor, social networking, etc. Oh yeah, when you get a second, don't forget about that radio station in the back!

My panelists were Jimmy Steele, PD of Clear Channel's KHTS (Channel 933)/San Diego; Mark Landis, VP of English programming for Border Media; Tracy Austin, who just was named PD of WIOQ (Q102)/Philadelphia; and Cruze, whose programming prowess has graced such stations as WFNX/Boston, WMGK/Philadelphia, KTBZ (the Buzz)/Houston, WKBQ/St. Louis and, most recently, WWDC (DC101)/Washington.

Check out part two of this newly expanded three-part series recapping the panel, only in the Top 40 column of this week's R&R!

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