Week Of: October 20, 2008

It's Not A Habit, It's Cool

Fine, I'll admit it -- I like Facebook. A lot. (Not enough to spend hours on it when I should be working, anyone from HR who's reading this!) And while I hate all the different applications that I keep getting barraged with [Ed. note: No, I will not accept your velvet Elvis painting, so stop trying to send me one on Facebook!], I still enjoy the interactivity.

Quite honestly, I have Facebook to blame for the death of my journaling. I used to write extensive entries, but now Facebook has given me a way to blast out a sentence or two about what's on my mind or what's happening in my life at the moment, and it even satisfies my short attention span so I'm not halfway through writing a novel and then wander off due to sudden lack of interest.

I also love catching up with people and seeing the photos they've posted, and I will take the time to call up the status updates bar and read through all of my friends' statuses to be amused or to catch up on their lives. As I write this, someone is schedulin', someone is done losing golf balls, someone wants you to know that bird is the word, and someone thinks it's time to ROCK. (Names withheld to protect ... well, you know who you are.)

Seriously, it's addictive. And don't try to play it off like you don't do the same. It's like a nice little community of people all keeping up with each other, all able to alert each other about what's up in our lives, all able to recommend things to each other and respond to each other.

Sound familiar? Writing that out made me think of this thing we call radio. Interacting. Building a community. Responding to each other. Recommending things to each other. So are you not just talking to your listeners, but are you also letting them be part of a conversation that happens in little snippets, just like Facebook? Because everyone's got something to say, and everyone likes being involved in the conversation.

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