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Week Of: November 3, 2008

Radio Now, From Then To ...
Well, Now

My, how time flies. It was October 2007 when life in the hallways of Emmis CHR/top 40 WNOU (RadioNOW 93.1)/Indianapolis became more than just a little exciting: Emmis decided to flush the 5-year-old format and use 93.1 as the new home for the company's lucrative news/talk format that had been housed for years on heritage WIBC-AM, then flip the AM to sports.

In the span of 48 frantic hours, Radio One made an unusually rapid and strategic decision to buy the intellectual property of the RadioNOW brand, move it across the street to 100.9 and bring the station back to life. Former RadioNOW APD/MD Tim "Rayne" Rainey was hired to program the new RadioNOW 100.9. Twelve months later, I thought it would be fun to stick my head back in the door, as it were, and see how things have progressed.

Check out my top 40 column in this week's R&R for the details of my chat with Rayne!

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